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Classical Murano glass chandelier, enriched by leaves and flowers. A model of difficult realization and rare beauty.
3 lights 5 lights 6 lights 8 lights 10 lights 12 lights 10+5 lights 12+6 lights


Classic and elegant chandelier made of handmade Murano glass and customizable in the number of lights and colors.
3 lights 5 lights 6 lights 8 lights 10 lights 12 lights 8+4 lights 10+5 lights


Classical Murano glass chandelier, handmade according to the lance art of Murano Glassmasters and enriched by leaves and flowers.
3 lights 5 lights 6 lights 8 lights 10 lights 12 lights 6+6 lights 10+5 lights


Classic Venetian chandelier in Murano glass made by hand by master glassmakers of Murano, enriched with leaves and flowers. The time of preparation and realization of this object is 20/25 working days
3 lights 5 lights 6 lights 8 lights 10 lights 12 lights 6+3 lights 8+4 lights 10+5 lights

Jardin Enchantè

Classic, elegant and rich. These are the characteristics that define blown Murano glass suspension lamp Jardin Enchantè in the best way.
8+4 lights 10+5 lights 12+6 lights

Murano glass chandeliers are the result of a precise work that is inspired by traditions that have been passed down for centuries, generation after generation: they are available in many variants - deco, classic, modern, floral, and so on - and they are able to make elegance a distinctive feature, by virtue of a refined and sophisticated aesthetic that makes them fit for the most diverse contexts.

From the liberty chandeliers, with their unique and special style, to the so-called Ca 'Rezzonico chandeliers, which are known not only by the experts of the sector, there is a wide assortment of proposals able to satisfy all tastes. The glass is worked and processed with the best care so that it is possible to create truly exceptional artwork. Murano chandeliers are all precious and prestigious, and they can be gifted or collected, but also placed in a living room to be lit or in a bedroom to make it more romantic. According to the roots of a tradition which comes from the past, these artifacts can still be decorated and reinterpreted in a modern key, so that they can be adapted to every request.

Murano Rezzonico chandeliers are the most beautiful: they are products that draw their name from being designed in the 18th century for the palace of the Rezzonico family in Venice, which is the building that hosts the '700 Museum nowadays. The procedure followed for making these chandeliers is precise and meticulous: after the execution of the metal structure, the pieces of glass are machined to one by one. As you can imagine, this is a completely artisanal job that requires a great deal of experience and remarkable mastery: it is no coincidence that Murano chandeliers are well-known and demanded across national borders all over the world.

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