Transparent Murano glass chandelier with gold, green, blue and pink decorations, handmade as it is from ancient Murano tradition and adorned with leaves and flowers. Production time ##3 days
10 lights
Murano rezzonico chandelier in black crystal, wonderful details in transparency.Nine lights and three arches structure, majestic and elegant, perfect in light and modern environments. Customizable product for number of lights and color of details.Murano certificate of authenticity. Production time ##4 days
9 lights
Murano glass art chandelier made by hand according to the millennial technique of Murano glassmasters. The chandelier in the picture, "Fenicia Ca 'Rezzonico" is a true work of art, with a chrome-plated interior, crystal glass, enriched by flowers and colored glass paste, made exclusively by hand. Production time ##4 days
6 lights 6+3 lights

Gran Canal Deluxe - Two Tier Murano Chandelier

Majestic two-tier Murano crystal chandelier. A fascinating red color highlights the details created by hand by master glassmakers.Production time ##3 days
12+6 lights
Refined chandelier with swarovski, the Acqua Alta Deluxe combines the beauty of the transparency of crystal with the luxury of gold. The shapes with a classic and romantically retro style are embellished with rhinestones with crystal drops.Production time ##4 days
Over 80 precious square glasses arranged in a spiral make up the Valzer chandelier. The design is vintage and develops in height making it ideal for large rooms such as villas or hotels.Production time ##2 days
8 lights
Over 40 precious four-sided glasses arranged on two levels make up the Regale chandelier.The design is vintage 70s, able to integrate into any environment, thanks to the different elements it is highly customizable. Production time ##2 days


Handmade Murano glass chandelier adorned with leaves and flowers as of ancient Murano tradition. Possibility of customization by choosing the number of lights and color. Production time ##3 days
8 lights 10 lights 12 lights 8+4 lights 12+6 lights


Murano glass art chandelier handmade according to the millennial technique of muranese glassmasters. The "Atene" chandelier is a true work of art: 6 lights with stage in gold with flowers and details in colored pasta.Production time ##4 days
6 lights


Classic Murano glass Venetian chandelier handmade by Murano glass masters in green rose crystal, enriched by multicolored palm leaves and flowers.Production time ##3 days
6 lights


Handmade Murano Glass Chandelier, adorned with leaves and flowers as of ancient Murano tradition, pink gold crystal with pink and blue flowers. Possibility of customization by choosing the number of lights and color.Production time ##3 days
3 lights 5 lights 6 lights 8 lights 10 lights 12 lights


Classical Murano glass chandelier, handmade according to the lance art of Murano Glassmasters and enriched by leaves and flowers.Production time ##3 days
6+6 lights 10+5 lights


Handmade Murano glass chandelier adorned with leaves and flowers as of ancient Murano tradition, gold crystal with pink details.Production time ##3 days
5 lights 6 lights 8 lights 10 lights 12 lights

Ca' Rezzonico

Artistic Murano glass chandelier handmade according to the ancient technique of Murano glassmakers. The chandelier "Ca 'Rezzonico" (see picture) is a true work of art, with its internal structure of pure gold, crystal glass / gold, enriched with flowers and pendants exclusively handmade.Production time ##4 days
6 lights 6+3 lights

Jardin Enchantè

Classic, elegant and rich. These are the characteristics that define blown Murano glass suspension lamp Jardin Enchantè in the best way.Production time ##3 days
8+4 lights 10+5 lights 12+6 lights

Suspension Pegaso

Murano Glass Suspension made by hand according to the millennial technique of Murano glass masters. Suspension is a true work of art and consists of 16 golden crystal leaves and alternating balls in gold and ivory. Production time ##3 days


Contemporary chandelier with simple and essential lines made in the tradition of Murano Glassmasters. Other colors on request. It is possible to match this appliqué and snow chandelier.Production time ##3 days
8 lights 8+4 lights

Black gold

The elegance of gold, the depth of black. These are the adjectives that describe "Oro Nero” (Black Gold), a chandelier made entirely of Murano blown glass that can enhance the room of the house where it is installed. Production time ##3 days
12 lights

Introduction Murano Luxury Chandeliers

The luxury chandeliers in Murano glass are the flagship of the Venetian style. These models implement the traditional Venetian Baroque culture, elevating it to a level of perfection and elegance that embellishes any environment. Ranging between Ca Rezzonici, modern, vintage, classic and innovative models, all the luxury Murano chandeliers are united by the utmost attention to detail, embellished by multiple glass processes that allow you to create a perfect union between a radiant brightness and the pomp intended in its finer and more elegant meaning. The peculiarity of each product is its uniqueness, even through the small signs of workmanship, which reflect the manual skill of our glass masters which culminates in a triumph of particular and precious details that elevate these chandeliers to the status of real works of art.

When to choose a luxury Murano chandelier?

Choosing a luxury-style Murano chandelier is an important act, as they are exclusive models, whoever buys them seeks perfection, luxury and the true timeless representation of Italian elegance. The luxury models of Cristalleria Murano ® fit perfectly in large and refined spaces, such as luxury villas or apartments, hotel lobbies, theatres, restaurants or bars that seek exclusive lighting with a great scenic impact. Those who choose a luxury chandelier, in addition to enhancing the lighting of their home or business, do so because having a luminous object of this caliber is often a statement of refinement and style that refers to the charm of ancient noble houses, albeit in a modern key. 

Cristalleria Murano and Made in Italy luxury: 100% Italian quality

The luxury products of Cristalleria Murano ®, like all the others of our company, are the excellence of Made in Italy. Our Murano glass masters, thanks to their inimitable experience in working with Murano glass, produce crystal masterpieces every day in our Venetian furnaces, with 100% Italian quality. The purely made-to-order work allows us to maintain very high quality standards. All the processes are obtained by shaping the molten crystal just out of the furnace, where the 24k gold leaves are inserted, which allow for splendid reflections found in the crystal / gold models. The luxury versions have splendid customizable colors which are the result of the contact of the glass, still in fusion, with powders of precious minerals.

The most requested luxury Murano glass chandeliers:

  • Visconti

    The Visconti model fully pursues the luxury style as it is part of the de 'Ca Rezzonico family. Characterized by an internal metal structure, it is made up of many finely crafted and decorated glass pieces in crystal, gold and ruby color. Customizable in the number of lights.

  • Koi imperiale

    The majestic Koi imperiale model discovers new stylistic canons in the luxury lighting of Murano. The nature-inspired design incorporates the beauty and elegance of the Japanese Koi carp. Characterized by 7 rows, decreasing in diameter, of "shield glasses" it allows for scenic and elegant lighting.

  • Cigno nero

    The Cigno nero model Rezzonico chandelier is one of the most precious pieces in our collection. Formed by 9 lights and shining black crystal highlighted by some transparent details, it fits perfectly with modern villas with light environments.

  • Sestiere

    The Sestiere model is a chandelier with a modern design characterized by the use of strips, of equal size on two levels, in Murano glass. Its squared shape recalls that of the ancient medieval towers, making it perfect for sophisticated environments. Strips available in crystal, white, smoked and gold colours.

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