Authentic Italian Murano

All products are made in our Murano glass factory, where the glass masters work the crystal according to tradition.

Customizable Products

We are always available to make custom-made chandeliers or customize existing products.

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We use special reinforced packaging and vacuum blisters, we ship by insured courier and tracking.

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We accept the main payment methods, the site uses the highest security standards to allow safe transactions.

Our finest selection

From all 300 chandeliers


Ca' Venier crystal

Cristalleria Murano
Classic chandelier in Murano glass enriched with leaves and flowers. Number of lights and customizable color.
3 lights 5 lights 6 lights 8 lights 10 lights 12 lights

Muranese gold

Cristalleria Murano
Classic Venetian chandelier in Murano glass made by hand by master glassmakers of Murano, enriched with leaves and flowers. The time of preparation and realization of this object is 20/25 working days
3 lights 5 lights 6 lights 8 lights 10 lights 12 lights 6+3 lights 8+4 lights


Cristalleria Murano
Classical Murano glass chandelier, enriched by leaves and flowers. A model of difficult realization and rare beauty.
3 lights 5 lights 6 lights 8 lights 10 lights 12 lights 10+5 lights 12+6 lights


Cristalleria Murano
Transparent Murano glass chandelier with gold, green, blue and pink decorations, handmade as it is from ancient Murano tradition and adorned with leaves and flowers.
10 lights

Ceiling lamp in Murano glass, mod: Polar Star

Cristalleria Murano
The Stella Polare ceiling light with an iconic and refined style confers elegance and refinement to any environment. The Murano glass processing technique contributes to giving an absolutely unique look of its kind, capable of conferring a remarkable artistic and aesthetic value.

Chandelier Giorgione Black

Cristalleria Murano
The chandelier Giorgione Black is a variant of the model of Giorgione, which essentially changes only the color. This specimen is impressive and opulent, featuring the arms finely decorated that hold delicious corollas upturned, attention to detail, where are housed the light bulbs.
3 lights 5 lights 6 lights 8 lights 10 lights 12 lights

Marco Polo

Cristalleria Murano
Chandelier to the simple and essential lines made in the tradition of Murano glassmakers. The time of preparation and realization of this object is 20/25 working days
3 lights 5 lights 6 lights 8 lights 10 lights 12 lights

The Grand Canal Lux Colorful

Cristalleria Murano
Chandelier classic and elegant Murano glass, handmade according to the ancient technique of Murano glassmakers.
3 lights 5 lights 6 lights 8 lights 10 lights 12 lights 6+3 lights 12+6 lights


Cristalleria Murano
Handmade classic and elegant Murano glass chandelier according to ancient Murano technique. Other colors available on request. The preparation and processing time of this object 20/25 working days
3 lights 5 lights 6 lights 8 lights 10 lights 12 lights

Chandelier, New Jersey Flowers

Cristalleria Murano
From the sumptuous style and extrovert and dynamic kinds and shapes of flowers, the chandelier, New Jersey Flowers is the ideal choice to decorate any space and create an effect unique and special. The chandelier micro opal in gold is characterized by flowers High petal in white silk and gold, while the structure is made of metal and gold, and a mix of...
3 lights 5 lights
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Who we are?

Cristalleria Murano was born from the Tini family's passion for lighting.

Strengthened by an experience gained in over 40 years in light and design, we started creating artistic chandeliers, appliques, ceiling lights, suspensions and lamps in classic, luxury and modern styles with our Murano glass factory.

Every day our Venetian furnaces produce precious light objects, expertly made by the Masters of Murano who preserve an inimitable art handed down for generations.

Each product is a unique piece, made entirely by hand and comes with its certificate of authenticity, which guarantees both the origin and the realization according to Murano techniques.

Every detail is taken care of by an incessant search for improvement, always remaining faithful to tradition, the design and construction quality are therefore state of the art.

All our products are packaged on vacuum blister packs in a reinforced box, for greater safety and practicality, we insert 1/2 spare parts in each package.

What we do?

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Our glass factory respects the secular Murano traditions, the glass masters in charge of the production guard the precious art of glass processing.

It all starts with the choice of siliceous minerals that will merge to create crystal glass. The composition, temperature and melting time of the silica mixture influence the properties of the crystal, its transparency and purity, its fundamental malleability to create artistic glass chandeliers. The artistic techniques of glass processing are carried out strictly by hand and have been handed down for generations.


All products made in the glass factory are subjected to multiple checks in order to guarantee the highest quality. The products are accompanied by a Murano certificate of authenticity, a guarantee of origin and production quality.


Production and direct sales have allowed us to reduce many costs, this advantage is reflected in the prices that are much cheaper than traditional shops.

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