Among the flagships of our glassware is the Murano glass pendant lamp Stella Polare. This model fits perfectly in elegant environments and luxury hotels, giving a distinct and classy air and ensuring excellent performance both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. Production time ##2 days
Murano glass Ceiling lights

Ceiling lamp in Murano glass, mod: Polar Star

The Stella Polare ceiling light with an iconic and refined style confers elegance and refinement to any environment. The Murano glass processing technique contributes to giving an absolutely unique look of its kind, capable of conferring a remarkable artistic and aesthetic value. Production time ##2 days
Over 80 precious square glasses arranged in a spiral make up the Valzer chandelier. The design is vintage and develops in height making it ideal for large rooms such as villas or hotels.Production time ##2 days
8 lights
Over 40 precious four-sided glasses arranged on two levels make up the Regale chandelier.The design is vintage 70s, able to integrate into any environment, thanks to the different elements it is highly customizable. Production time ##2 days
Innovative and modern in shape, the Sestiere chandelier amazes thanks to elegant Murano glass strips. Format Ø 80 cm Height 55 cm Murano crystal (customizable colors on request) Murano certificate of authenticity and guarantee Safe Shipping Production time ##2 days
Ceiling lamp with vintage shapes, refined design inspired by nature flowers Calle by Cristalleria Murano. Two formats available Murano crystal (customizable colors on request) Murano certificate of authenticity and guarantee Safe Shipping Production time ##2 days
Medium Large

Clavette- Elegant chandelier with drops in Murano crystal

Majestic drop-shaped chandelier made up of hundreds of Murano crystal clubs. Medium ø 55 cm - Large ø 80 cm Customizable product for size and color details.Murano certificate of authenticity. Production time ##2 days
Medium Large
Over 30 precious four-sided glasses arranged on a horizontal plane make up the Seventy ceiling light. The design is vintage 70s, able to integrate into any environment, even modern, thanks to the different elements it is highly customizable.

Introduction Vintage Murano Chandeliers

The vintage Murano chandeliers became part of the history of Italian lighting starting from the 50s and 60s and then never left it. The vintage-style Cristalleria Murano ® chandeliers have positively influenced people's memory and customs, so much so that they are considered original and inimitable after more than 50 years, and are recognized for the extreme quality of the materials used by the Murano glass masters. The vintage Murano chandeliers from the 70s are composed of various glass shapes with different geometries, which inserted into multiple elements increase their charm and originality, including:

  • Tubi stella - also called trunks, they are characterized by an irregular surface and a rounded star-shaped plan
  • Triedri e Quadriedri - iconic crystal prisms with three or four points cut at the bottom, used for spiral chandeliers
  • Poliedri - geometric shape in murano crystal with hexagonal plan
  • Fiori Calla - blown glass stems with a flower-shaped finish
  • Clavette - long Murano glass drops

Where to install a Vintage Murano chandelier

The more impressive models fit perfectly into elegant environments such as large halls of private villas, hotels and luxury restaurants, giving a distinct and classy air, guaranteeing excellent performance both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. The vintage-style Murano chandeliers manage to make every room in which they are placed majestic, so as to be able to respond to every furnishing need. Therefore even the more compact models are an excellent choice for more modern and refined environments, the ideal choice for those who love functionality associated with a retro taste.

Why is a vintage chandelier so appreciated?

The vintage chandeliers of Cristalleria Murano ® are among the products most appreciated by our customers because, thanks to the numerous reflections created by the particular cuts of glass available, they allow for original and refined lighting. Furthermore, the vintage style associated with the skilled hands of the Murano glass masters allows the customer to have a chandelier that evokes nostalgic emotions of past eras and memories of the good old days. These lighting objects are highly appreciated by architects and interior designers who love mid-century modern, space age, vintage and retro styles which will always be there and will continue to evolve with the passing of trends with the promise of always remaining current.

The most requested vintage Murano chandeliers:

  • Stella polare
    The Stella Polare pendant lamp corresponds to the excellence of the vintage style. This model is characterized by elegant “Tubi Stella” Murano glass, totally customizable in the colors crystal, cobalt blue, smoky, opaline, pink, ruby red.

  • Valzer
    The Valzer model is composed of an elegant spiral formed by numerous “Quadriedri” Murano glass characterized by their splendid inclined cut, they are slender upwards and manage to seduce and make any environment elegant. Available in crystal, light blue, smoked, pink and multicolor versions.

  • Callisto
    The Callisto ceiling light takes up the design of the magnificent 80s, thanks to the use of "Calla" Murano glass characterized by a long slender stem that opens, like the blossoming of a flower, at its end. Available in crystal, white, amber, light blue, green, pink and multicolour versions.

  • Poliedri
    The Poliedri ceiling lamp is characterized by the homonymous glasses, first designed and then handmade, with geometric vintage shapes. The "poliedri" glasses are available in over 10 colours, all of which can be combined with each other. Particularly appreciated is the combination of amber-smoky and crystal-blue.

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