Among the flagships of our glassware is the Murano glass pendant lamp Stella Polare. This model fits perfectly in elegant environments and luxury hotels, giving a distinct and classy air and ensuring excellent performance both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. Production time ##2 days

Ceiling lamp in Murano glass, mod: Polar Star

The Stella Polare ceiling light with an iconic and refined style confers elegance and refinement to any environment. The Murano glass processing technique contributes to giving an absolutely unique look of its kind, capable of conferring a remarkable artistic and aesthetic value. Production time ##2 days
Over 80 precious square glasses arranged in a spiral make up the Valzer chandelier. The design is vintage and develops in height making it ideal for large rooms such as villas or hotels.Production time ##2 days
8 lights
Over 40 precious four-sided glasses arranged on two levels make up the Regale chandelier.The design is vintage 70s, able to integrate into any environment, thanks to the different elements it is highly customizable. Production time ##2 days
5 lights
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