Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp

Floor lamp in Murano glass, mod: Ca Venier

With a bewitching and seductive charm, this Ca ’Venier floor lamp is made with original Murano glass and gives a touch of class and refinement to any salon, hall or living room.
3 lights
Floor Lamp

Floor lamp in Murano glass, mod: Manunzio

The Manuzio model floor lamp made with handmade Murano glass is characterized by the calla-shaped cup that gives a harmonious and classy look to any environment.
3 lights
Floor Lamp

Rezzonica floor lamp

An important, elegant, unique and special product. This floor lamp is made in blown gold Murano glass with a metal structure and 24k gold. To find out the price of this product and its variants, please contact us. Thanks
Floor Lamp

Floor lamp in Murano glass, mod:Tintoretto

Murano glass floor lamp made with the skilled hands of the Murano glass masters. The model acts as an element of great value which gives a sophisticated and elegant look to any decor.
3 lights
White acidic murano glass floor, black metal base with orange inserts. Mid-Century Modern style (medium Ø 35 cm | large Ø 50 cm) Certificate of authenticity and guaranteeSafe shipping Production time ##1 day
Medium Large
Modern floor lamp in metal and diffusers in white acid-etched Murano glass. Contemporary style ( Ø 30 cm | H 174 cm) Certificate of authenticity and guaranteeSafe shipping Production time ##1 day
Modern Murano glass floor lamp with geometric shapes. Available in different colors. Metal structure Murano crystal Murano certificate of authenticity and guarantee Safe Shipping Production time ##2 days
Modern space age style Murano glass floor lamp.On request available in different colours. Chrome metal structure Murano crystal Murano certificate of authenticity and guarantee Safe Shipping Production time ##2 days

Murano glass floor lamps

The Murano glass floor lamps represent the ideal combination of beauty and functionality: the brilliance effect they manage to give to the environment in which they are placed is particularly scenic.

This type of lighting is the ideal choice to give light to a specific corner of the room and at the same time to furnish the house: just knowing how to choose the floor lamp that best suits the style of the environment in which you want to place it, carefully evaluating the height and the general dimensions.

What makes it interesting is its ability to bring light to any desired part of the house, without making its position seem forced or unnatural.

Cristalleria Murano offers a wide selection of Murano glass floor lamps made with extreme attention to detail: from the most classic models to the most particular and unusual floor lamps.

Each lamp is made thanks to ancient Murano glass manufacturing techniques, handed down for generations, with the highest quality requirements and attention to detail in order to create unique furnishing accessories.

Murano glass floor lamps for the living room

The living room is undoubtedly the most lived-in room in the house, intended to accommodate multiple activities such as moments of relaxation, reading, chatting with friends.

Murano glass floor lamps are among the most popular lights for a living room thanks to their ability to illuminate while furnishing.

They can be used to create a reading corner near a sofa or to brighten a particularly dark area of the room.

Floor lamps also represent an excellent integration to chandeliers when you have a very high room or when the ceiling light point is not sufficient for our needs.

In these conditions we are able to have a diffused or spot light, right where it is needed, while adding a touch of class to the entire room.

Among the most popular Murano glass floor lamps for the living room we have Cà Venier, a classic and refined model that radiates light through three Murano glass bells placed on a metal structure finely decorated in ivory and gold, able to embellish any environment .

A valid alternative is the Manuzio model, a floor lamp with three lights in the shape of a calla lily with truly elegant gold and ivory decorations, capable of giving off a radiant light.

The ideal choice for the bedroom

The bedroom, as we know, requires a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere and the Murano glass floor lamp manages to reproduce it perfectly. 

Floor lamps can be used in specific points of the room such as near a mirror corner to try on clothes before leaving the house or near a small armchair in the room to create a reading corner.

The most popular floor lamp for the bedroom is Sphera, a very particular model with a base structure made of metal (gold or matt black) which supports a refined Murano crystal sphere that certainly does not go unnoticed.


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