Chandelier Giorgione Black

Chandelier Giorgione Black

The chandelier Giorgione Black is a variant of the model of Giorgione, which essentially changes only the color. This specimen is impressive and opulent, featuring the arms finely decorated that hold delicious corollas upturned, attention to detail, where are housed the light bulbs.

Production time ##3 days

  • 3 lights
  • 5 lights
  • 6 lights
  • 8 lights
  • 10 lights
  • 12 lights
Base color
  • Black

Icona climate pledge co2 neutral Cristalleria Murano® supports climate pledge by reforesting a tree for each chandelier produced
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100% Italian
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All products are made in our Venetian Muranese glass factory. 

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The entire body of the chandelier is characterized by stylized, very sophisticated, made unique by the manual work of the masters of Murano. The pendant is a gem, very much appreciated, a habit that gives additional value and prestige to this beautiful specimen.

In the face of industrial production, which is becoming more widespread, but barren and anonymous, the murano glassmakers have continued to follow the traditional processing of glass craft that is handed down from father to son. In this way it is possible to give life to small masterpieces, such as the chandelier Giorgione Ivory, a classic example of royalty and elegance.

The model, at the time of purchase, comes with the warranty certificate to attest the authenticity of the work, the spare parts and instructions for assembly. As anticipated, the model is hand-crafted.

The chandelier Giorgione Black gives a sense of opulence and grandeur to every room, making the choice idea for large living rooms, spacious dining rooms or living rooms with classic and charm nostalgic vintage.

Height: 3 lights: 62 cm; 5 lights: 68; 6 lights: 72 cm; 8 lights: 82 cm; 10 lights: 95 cm 12 lights: 99 cm.

Width: 3 lights: 55 cm; 5 lights: 75 cm; 6 lights: 82 cm; 8 lights: 99 cm; 10 lights: 105 cm; 12 lights: 115 cm.

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