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  • On demand

    Chandelier with wide resonon ceiling and water body color all over gold and green wire. Customizable in both color and number of lights.

  • On demand

    "Rezzonico" chandelier transparent white silk, with only two pastoral ladders. Customizable in both color and number of lights.

  • On demand

    An important chandelier, particularly suitable for rooms with high ceilings. A multiplicity of colors, shades, chromatic games of different intensities constitute the soul of this product made entirely of Murano blown glass. To find out the price of this product and its variants, please contact us. Thank you

  • 6 650,00 €

    The chandelier was built in Murano glass and represents an authentic masterpiece of our production. It is perfect in environments with a rather classic furnishing style and guarantees high standards both from an aesthetic and purely functional point of view.

    6 650,00 €
  • 1 079,00 €

    Among the flagships of our glassware is the Murano glass pendant lamp Stella Polare. This model fits perfectly in elegant environments and luxury hotels, giving a distinct and classy air and ensuring excellent performance both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

    1 079,00 €
  • 429,00 €

    Chandelier to the simple and essential lines made in the tradition of Murano glassmakers. The time of preparation and realization of this object is 20/25 working days.

    429,00 €
  • 290,00 €

    Classic Murano glass chandelier enriched with leaves and flowers, customizable in the choice of number of lights and color.

    290,00 €
  • 370,00 €

    Enriched by leaves and flowers, this classic Murano glass chandelier is blue with crystal and blue details. You can customize this object by choosing the number of lights and color.

    370,00 €
  • 460,00 €

    Classic and elegant chandelier, embellished with flowers and leaves hand-worked as in the old Venetian tradition.

    460,00 €
  • 285,00 €

    Classic chandelier made of Murano glass, handmade, enriched by high and low pastorals.

    285,00 €
Showing 97 - 106 of 106 items